Northside Elementary School hosted their second annual DawgBots Robotics Camp in past weeks, and are hoping that the skills local students have picked up will help them during the coming school year. .

Approximately 25 students spent from June 12 through June 15 near the start of their summer vacation at the annual camp, put on by DawgBots coaches and Northside teachers Joshua Bearden and Lawana Gurley.

Campers were put through a program that focused on team building skills and learned the core values of the Lego Robotics Program, which consisted the various areas of work needed to learn how to make a Lego Robot work, from programming the computer that runs the machinery, snapping together robots that perform specific functions, and even learning engineering and design principles that they then got to put into action.

Students accomplished this goal by completing numerous teamwork-based challenges to accomplish specific missions at hand. They also had time to work in small groups to discuss the core values and how each value applies to their team and school.

Youth in second and third grade worked with Chris Wilson from the Georgia Youth Science and Technology Centers to gain knowledge on how to program a robotic Sphero. Students helped design courses for the robot and then programmed a code to complete the course.

Those in the fourth, fifth and sixth grades spent their days at camp working together to accomplish robotics missions from previous First Lego League Challenges.

Bearden said in an email about the camp the highlight of the week was a tour with students of Miura of Rockmart.

Miura is a Northside Elementary Robotics Sponsor, and Cody Nichols spent one morning during that week to give a tour to students of the Miura plant and see how their robots perform in the work environment. Nichols also gave a detailed explanation on how the company uses robots on a daily basis to help build water boilers.

"This was a great tour as it gave students the opportunity to see how the science and robotics concepts they are learning in school apply to a real world connection," Bearden said.

Bearden said he and Gurley used this learning opportunity to motivate students "to learn and work hard in school so that one day these career opportunities could be waiting for them in their very own community."

"Northside is excited about the upcoming school year and the upcoming DawgBots season, said Bearden. "We also look forward to next summer's 3rd Annual DawgBots Camp."