Polk County Board of Education September 2019

School board members gave their approval to several tabled policies during their September 10 session.

The Polk County School Board is hard at work keeping their policies updated, and the group’s latest meeting saw both the adoption of a new policy and the approval of various amendments to existing ones.

The items were placed on the table for review earlier during the board’s August 13 meeting, and with discussion finished, the group unanimously approved each during their September 10 regular meeting session.

Policy FDC, a completely new policy to Polk County, places responsibility on the Board of Education to name or rename all school or district facilities in an effort to maintain the public image of those entities.

The document cites the importance of having proper names that reflect honor and integrity, and with that goal in mind, schools and buildings within Polk School District will not be named after individual people or businesses.

Instead, the document offers details on how a Wall of Honor can be established within Polk School District facilities to recognize outstanding individuals.

“A Wall of Honor is not intended for an individual unless the person is deceased or if a former employee has been retired from service for ten (10) years,” Policy FDC reads. “Only someone that has demonstrated exceptional performance, extraordinary service and loyalty to the district shall be considered. The term ‘extraordinary service’ is intended to be a flexible standard, but one that represents integrity, professionalism, and support of the mission, values, and beliefs of Polk School District.”

An update to Policy IHF(6) – Graduation Requirements now sets guidelines on early completion for high school students. In order to be eligible for early completion, a student must have completed all 23 credits and tests required for graduation, the student and parent or guardian must have submitted a High School Early Completion Intent Form to the senior counselor, and the student and parent or guardian must have participated in an advisement conference with the senior counselor.

“Item E is an update to a current policy that we have – our graduation requirements,” Superintendent Laurie Atkins said. “This discusses students with the ability, credits, and necessity to have early completion – not graduation but early completion.”

An update to Policy IHA – Grading Systems was also approved during the meeting, and with it, Polk students learning in alternative settings or online mediums will be graded more uniformly with the rest of the district.

“Once again, this is an update of an existing policy,” Atkins said. “This is to make sure that our distance learning, or online learning, for alternative settings is in line with everything else. So, we wanted to make sure this gets updated.”

The board also tabled new Policy CGBA – Administrative Personnel Qualifications and Duties for discussion, and while it’s exact contents are subject to change in the future, the document’s general purpose is to better outline the roles and duties of those working in the district.

Outside of policies, the group found time to make some standard budget amendments and approve two field trips for the Cedartown High and Rockmart High bands before entering an executive session.

Those interested in future policy updates or other general school board news can attend the group’s combined work and regular session on October 1 at 6 p.m.

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