The voters head back to the polls one more time in the Rockmart-area on Tuesday to decide who will be the next school board member for District 6 in a run-off for a special election held in November. 

According to Polk County Elections Director Karen Garmon, early voting finished off the week with 187 ballots already cast in the run-off that ends with the final election day of the year being held tomorrow. 

Only voters who live within the District 6 boundary are being asked to come back to the polls at the Rockmart precinct in the Nathan Dean Community Center at 60 Goodyear St. are being asked to come back to the polls one last time this year to decide between Judy Wiggins and Chris Culver. 

Polls will be open from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m., with the vote tally to be announced after the election closes later tomorrow evening. 

The special election held in November between Wiggins, Culver and Carolyn Williams gave none of the candidates a clear majority. Wiggins and Culver received enough votes to head into the run-off to decide who will take over the District 6 seat until the end of the term. 

Wiggins, who was selected in August to serve as an interim board member, is seeking the seat against Culver, a local businessman. 

Check back on Tuesday evening for results from the Rockmart-area school board race. Those seeking to find out whether they are in District 6 and can vote can visit Georgia's My Voter Page, or call the Board of Elections at 770-749-2103.