Rockmart Pro Rodeo 2017

Riders were joined by public safety officials, veterans and active duty military personnel as a rider entered Haney Arena over the weekend with an American flag during a tribute to those who serve at home or overseas and for the playing of the National Anthem. 

Camp Antioch to benefit for this year's class project

The LEAD Polk Class of 2018 continues to march forward through class work and tours around the area learning all there is to know about what’s happening locally.

However this weekend, the class is looking to serve the guests coming to Haney Arena as part of their project to give back to a local organization.

The class is taking over the concession stand at the Rodeo on Friday and Saturday night with an assortment of items to help raise money to provide Camp Antioch with a computer lab for use by the students who utilize services during the weekdays after school.

LEAD Polk Class of 2018 is using 100 percent of the proceeds from concession sales to go toward the purchase of computers and other items needed to complete the project.

Janice Stewart, the executive director of Camp Antioch, expressed her excitement about the organization being chosen for the 2018 class project. She said during the week, a number of children come take advantage of Homework Helpers (she does ask for appointments to be made to ensure there’s plenty of volunteer help available.) They also host the Ignite Home School Co-op, scouts and more.

The annual Teen Maze is also held at Camp Antioch in November, organized by Polk Family Connections.

“We are so excited about being chosen by the LEAD Class of 2018 for a project to provide computers for our Student Study Center and other student ministries,” Stewart said.

LEAD Polk Class of 2018 members are asking the community to help out and enjoy a snack at this weekend’s rodeo, but those who can’t make it out and want to help can contact the Standard Journal at 770-748-1520 extension 2 for more information about how to help.  

The rodeo kicks off Friday at 8 p.m. Prices at the gate are $15 for adults, and $12 for children.