Mark Garrett an owner, with the Glory Award in front of the Rockmart-based radio station.

Rockmart radio listeners who tune into WZOT will be happy to know that their local channel is now an award winning station. 

WZOT 1220 AM and 101.9 FM was honored with the GLORY award for their nightly 9 p.m. show UNSHACKLED, according to a release. The show provides "real-life dramas showing how someone shackled by hopelessness, helplessness or addiction can be set free to become a worthy, joyous and productive citizen following the principles taught by Jesus." 

The station provides 24-hour broadcasts in the Christian format. 

WZOT's Mark Garrett received the Glory Award from Chandler Bridges, an avid listener and attorney. The Glory Award is given out to people and organizations who are "substantially contributing to the Spiritual Goodness of the community or an individual."

Unshackled is a weekly radio drama produced by the Pacific Garden Mission in Chicago. Visit unshackled.org, and wzotradio.com for more on local programming.