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Rockmart Police announced the arrest of four individuals in a Sunday incident, according to a release from Chief Randy Turner.

Turner commended officers for their quick response to a Monarch Drive address after the homeowner called police after finding four males with hooded sweatshirts on their property. Turner reported in the release that officers from his department were on the scene quickly, and upon further investigation made an arrest on charges of entering an automobile, criminal trespass, loitering and prowling and more.

His release also stated one of the suspects was in possession of a stolen firearm. Two of those charged included Bryan Daquain Colvin and Brian Strothers, both 17 years old of Rockmart addresses. 

Turner did add that two of those who were arrested were 15 and 16, respectively.

“This was a job well done by the responding officers,” Turner stated. “They were very prompt in responding and are commended on a thorough investigation.”

He added the arrests made on Sunday came on the heels of “numerous complaints over the past several weeks of vehicles being entered and items being stolen.”

“We have stepped up patrol in these areas and will investigate all complaints received,” Turner’s release stated.

He asked residents in Rockmart and the surrounding areas to be mindful of what they are leaving in cars, and to make sure to lock vehicles up at night.

“Don’t be an easy target, and report any suspicious activity or people in your area,” Turner stated.

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