A man accused of child molestation and sexual battery was arrested more than six months after the initial investigation, according to police and jail reports.

Rockmart police arrested Bobby Dean Padgett, 46, of 3275 Rome Highway, Aragon, on July 5 on an outstanding warrant.

The charges stem from a case dating back to last December, according to Polk County Police Chief Kenny Dodd.

Dodd said there were two men involved in the incident and one pointed to Padgett as the main perpetrator. He said his office didn’t have enough evidence to arrest Padgett on the sex charges until recently.

Warrants were taken out, but hadn’t been served.

Rockmart Police Chief Keith Sorrells said they received an anonymous tip Padgett was at a local residence. The caller also gave a description of a vehicle Padgett was using.

Police headed to the house where Padgett was located and spotted a vehicle matching the description, Sorrells said. He was arrested after police confirmed his identity and warrant information, Sorrells said.