Rockmart PD Body Camera training

Rockmart Police officers received training on how to properly use newly issued body cameras.

The Rockmart Police Department now have an additional evidence-gathering tool they'll keep on their uniforms starting this week.

Chief Randy Turner said training for his officers to use newly-issued body cameras is wrapped up and after a bit of additional work to get the equipment working right are going into use just after midweek. 

"We're all very excited about this new capability," he said. "In the city, in situations that we've had in the past, officers will go inside and lose coverage for recording equipment in their vehicles. We now have this as a tool that we can take anywhere and be able to record events as they transpire."

Turner said that some programming of the body cameras was required before every officer could begin using them, but after a training class the first round of officers to use the cameras was during the department's night shift Wednesday.

The main purpose of the cameras is to ensure that video and audio is available for both officers and citizens to have as a record of police encounters. Turner added that it both helps with officer safety and transparentcy for the agency.

He thanked citizens, city management, the council and mayor for their support in the purchase and issue of body cameras.

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