Northwest Georgia Storage Solutions

Josephine Lau, left, gets support from her family, including daughter Gabrielle in her new business, which offers rent to own and cash options for storage buildings. 

Agnes Hagin/SJ

Northwest Georgia Storage Solutions, located at 821 Cartersville Highway in Rockmart, provides rent to own and cash options on the industries most respected storage and carport providers.

This new business is owned and operated by Josephine Lau with help and support of her family.

A native of New York, she moved to Georgia several years ago, but now makes her home with her family on a small farm near Rockmart.

“I am a big city woman with a love of small town atmosphere. And, there is an abundance of warm, friendly people in Rockmart,” she said. “This touches my heart as I enjoy the slower pace of country life.”

She smiled when she compared her native state to Georgia. “It is hard to describe, but I am happy here,” she said.

Farm life is something she feels can’t be explained unless you have a passion for it.

“It is wonderful to see the animals and know they are getting everything they need to produce quality home-grown beef and more. It is a great way to live, and there is always plenty of action on a farm.”

Her decision to open a business was made in early 2016 after needing storage buildings on her property.

“We (her family) discussed the need for a business that offered storage solutions closer than 15 to 20 miles,” she said. “Therefore, we decided to offer the service so property owners would have an option.”

Northwest Georgia Storage Solutions offers customers the opportunity to obtain Graceland Portable Buildings, which is described as providing customer service coupled with a quality built structure.

The local business provides rent to own and cash options on the industries most respected storage and carport providers.

“In order to be a successful business,” Lau said. “We must always remember that a consistent high level of performance of service is necessary to maintain the confidence of our valued customers, while providing the very best built portable building that money can buy.”

She emphasized that customers are the reason any company exists and this can never be forgotten or taken for granted.

“Every day, we must continually strive to earn our customers business through exceptional service, personal care and attention with innovative approaches to business,” she said. “People are the greatest asset of any successful business.”

To date, the business is attracting interest from local and out of town buyers.

“We are seeing great success with our carports,” she said.

Northwest Georgia Storage Solutions is open Monday to Thursday from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. Hours on Friday and Saturday are 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.

For more information, call 678-685-6400.