Rockmart City Council September 2019

The Rockmart City Council voted on the city’s millage rate for the year during their September meeting.

The Rockmart Council has officially voted on the 2019 city-wide property tax levy, and citizens are looking at a new rate of 8.832 mills.

While the rate is technically an increase from last year’s 8.818 mills, the change is actually a rollback based on recent calculations performed in Rockmart.

“With the calculations from the state, that they provide, it allows us to use an 8.832 millage rate,” Rockmart City Clerk Pam Herring said. “Which is considered a rollback because, even though it is a slight increase from last year’s, we don’t have to advertise it as being an increase based on reassessments.”

A tax rate of one mill represents a property tax liability of one dollar per $1,000 of assessed value.

Under the new value, a house valued at $1,000 would incur roughly $8.80 in property taxes from the city; a house valued at $100,000 would incur roughly $880 in property taxes from the city.

Even with the slight increase, Rockmart remains one of the lowest taxing entities in Polk. The City of Cedartown recently voted to keep their rate at 11.2 mills, the county recently approved a net rate of 11.191 mills, and the school board’s was recently set at 15.664 mills.

The council had little other business for the night, but they did honor a request from USAPA Pickelball Ambassador Daneen England who requested updated striping for the city courts at a previous meeting.

The city will move forward with the painting, but they felt they could not yet approve her request for use of the Hogue Avenue Gym or her requests to place signage yet.

Those interested in the future affairs of the city council can city hall on the second Tuesday of each month beginning at 7 p.m. More information about the city council can be found by visiting

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