Rockmart City Council June 2019

The Rockmart City Council gathered for their June 11 meeting and approved a budget and more.

The Rockmart Council is on top of their financials, and with the completion of the Fiscal Year 2020 Capital and Operating budget, the city’s various entities know what kind of money they have to work with between July 1, 2019, and June 30, 2020.

As always, public safety makes up a large portion of the budget. Rockmart’s police department has been pledged $1,697,896.00, and the fire department is looking at a budget of $1,410,421.00.

The city’s new fire truck was also on display outside city hall during the June 12 meeting, so both groups are looking well-equipped for the coming years.

The city is also making sure local athletics facilities and parks are maintained and funded, and recreation returns as a massive earner. $657,478.00 is being pledged towards sports, sports facilities, and other activities. The cultural arts are set to receive $104,018.00, the Silver Comet Trailhead is set to receive $49,523.00, the library will be receiving $130,443.00, and the senior center is getting $18,250.00.

For reference, last year, police and fire were the largest receiving entities at $1,813,212 and $1,490,475.00 respectively. Entities like the library received $120,400.00, and the mayor and council received $238,246.00 in budgetary funds. This year, council funds have increased slightly to $242,288.00.

However, it’s not all fun and recreation for the budget. Water and sewer treatment and management costs add up to $5,851,392.00 this year. That money will be used in everything from administrative costs to treatment plant costs and is an important factor in the quality of water that gets pushed out to the citizens.

Creating the budget is standard yearly business, but Mayor Stephen Miller thanked city clerk Pam Herring and City Manager Jeff Ellis for their quick, positive work.

“I appreciate the diligence and hard work of our clerk and manager,” Miller said. “The city will move forward to a very positive position.”

The meeting wasn’t focused exclusively on the budget, and the council made time to approve a 3-year lease for the FY 2019 equipment from GMA and BB&T, a 10-year lease for the FY 2019 fire truck and rescue trucks, and a malt beverage and wine sales agreement for Rockmart Food Mart.

Those interested in the future affairs of the city council can city hall on the second Tuesday of each month beginning at 7 p.m.

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