Rockmart Council November 2019

The Rockmart City Council honored Mayor-Elect Sherman Ross during their November session. Ross previously served as a council member before he resigned his seat to run for Mayor Steve Miller’s position, which he retires from in January.

The Rockmart Council had a light November meeting session, but with only a few items to cover, Mayor Miller had time to formally congratulate the city’s new and returning elected officials who are slated to begin terms at the beginning of 2020.

Mayor-elect Sherman Ross, Ward 2’s Marty Robinson, Ward 4’s Mike Bradley, and Ward 5’s Rick stone each received certificates and applause and were asked to stay during the council’s executive session later during the evening.

“Our election has just taken place,” Miller said before inviting each to the front of the room. “This evening, I would like to make a presentation to each of you who will be coming into office at the first of the year. From the Polk County Board of Elections, we have certificates.”

Ross was able to claim victory with 307 votes for what made 72.75 percent of the votes – a steady lead over opponent Mark Lumpkin who earned 115 votes for what made 27.25 percent of the vote.

Robinson received 58 votes for his council seat for what made 100 percent of the vote, Bradley received 47 votes with 7 write-ins for what made 87.27 percent of the vote, and Stone is keeping his seat with 89 votes and 4 write-ins for what made 95.70 percent of the vote.

Polk locals will also get the chance to vote in the presidential primaries later in March. Voting for state and local primaries will open in May.

The group also approved, pending review from the city attorney, Ordinance 2019O-12 Collection Costs to Delinquent Accounts that would take some of the financial burden off the city when working with and collecting from accounts who fail to make payments or otherwise fail to comply with city rules.

While the group heard a delegation about Callaway stop signs, no official action was taken during the Nov. 12 meeting.

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