Rockmart Community Chorus 2018

The Rockmart Community Chorus performed their "O Holy Night" holiday concert for 2018 on December 2 and Dec. 3. / Lorene Parker

Rockmart's holiday season got underway this past weekend as area residents raised their voices in joy in their annual concert.

The Rockmart Community Chorus put on their annual Christmas concert on December 2 and 3 at the downtown theatre, a show titled “O Holy Night,” in partnership with the current art gallery exhibit at the Rockmart Cultural Arts Center.

The gallery shines a spotlight on local artist Susan Waters, who not only sang in the Christmas concert, but also handcrafted the show’s stage decorations.

“I hope this has helped kick off your Christmas,” chorus director Debbie Miller said to the audience after the performance.

Fifteen years ago, Miller was asked to lead the choir as she had experience with school and church music.

“I do it because I have had music in my heart for a very long time,” Miller said. “We feel like we are giving back to the community through the performances."

“But it’s not just about the performances. It’s the camaraderie and fellowship we have with one another each week; it becomes like family,” Miller added.

Teresa Reed, who has been a part of the chorus for fifteen years, said “I’ve always been in some type of a choir and I love the music.”

She also enjoys getting to know the other members.

Clark Willingham has been a participant for four years and said the program is casual and relaxed, but fun.

“It keeps my music ability exercised,” Willingham said.

The Community Chorus is open to any members of the community who enjoy singing.

Practice is held once a week in order to prepare for their two annual shows—one before Christmas and one in the spring.

If you missed this year’s Christmas concert, be sure to visit the “O Holy Night” art exhibition at the Rockmart Cultural Arts Center, located at 316 North Piedmont Avenue in Rockmart, near the Rockmart Public Library and Police Department.

Miller said the gallery exhibit is a real treat for every family member.

“If you have children, this will make the Christmas story come to life for them,” she said.

As well, look for the Rockmart Community Chorus to announce the details of their annual spring season show.