Rockmart's College Wall of Fame now on display at high school

Past Rockmart stars who went on to play at the collegiate level are being honored within the high school as part of their new College Wall of Fame, where they celebrate "Yellow Jackets At The Next Level." So far 11 Jacket alumni are honored, and the school is still looking for more people who played college sports and graduated. Contact Barry Williams at Rockmart High for more information about how to participate. / Contributed

Some of Rockmart’s greatest talents adorn the wall at the new entrance to the school’s gymnasium. They look out on students, faculty and visitors alike from years gone by in uniforms well out of fashion or just recently fitted for athletes.

Just over a dozen of these photographs of the Jackets’ past players who made it to the collegiate level have been turned in, and more are still being sought to fill out the Rockmart High School College Wall of Fame.

“We’ve had a few people who have taken part so far, but we’re looking for many more to provide us with information,” he said previously.

The idea is to honor past athletes who graduated from Rockmart who went on to careers with schools small and large with a display. He also hopes it serves as a inspiration to current students to reach for more.

“We want to recognize those who have made it to the next level,” he said previously. “They have done something that the community can be proud of, and deserve to be shown our support for their achievements.”

He added the only items he needs from former athletes are information about when they attended Rockmart High, what programs they later took part in on a collegiate level, and pictures of themselves – preferably in uniform – from their time in school.

Williams asked for those who fit the bill to contact him at the school by calling 770-684-5432, or to e-mail him at