The Rockmart baseball team hosted a work day for their new facility ahead of their first week of games.

The Jackets, along with parents and friends from the community, gathered to renovate the new building, enjoy lunch, and watch the team in an afternoon of inner-team scrimmage games over the weekend on Saturday.

The property that sits adjacent to the high school and baseball field was purchased by Polk School District in 2018.

The portion of the land where the apartment and garage sits was designated by Superintendent Laurie Atkins and Polk Board of Education members to be used by the high school baseball team.

The house was recently demolished but the apartment and garage has been renovated by the baseball team and volunteers to be used as a locker room and coaches’ office. Head coach Kenny Yanzetich said that they also plan to build a bullpen for warm-ups before games. Future plans for use of the of the former house area is still undecided.

“We are grateful that the BOE has given baseball the opportunity to use the garage and apartment space as a locker room,” head coach Kenny Yanzetich said. The team’s current locker room is inside the hitting facility next to the softball field, which is a good walk from their baseball field.

The Feb. 1 work day was an opportunity for parents and community members to show their support for the team by helping to prepare the field and facilities for the upcoming games that the team will be hosting.

Volunteers cleaned the concession stand, refurbished the outfield track, began to build the bullpens, landscaped, renovated and painted the new building and doors, and many other projects.

Yanzetich said the lockers are the only thing missing from the locker room, and he plans to have the entire building completed before the first home game against Pickens County. After working, everyone enjoyed a cookout lunch before the JV and Varsity teams took the field for a scrimmage game.

Yanzetich said he was “blown away” by the turnout and help that he and the team received.