Keep Polk Beautiful

Keep Polk Beautiful is ready to get out in the water for cleanup duties during the forthcoming annual event coming to Cedartown this month.

Rivers Alive is coming to Cedar Creek at the old Goodyear footbridge near the softball fields in Cedartown on Saturday, September 21 starting at 8 a.m. Keep Polk Beautiful Executive Director Randy Cook said there will be plenty to get volunteers busy cleaning out the creek. 

The area around the new soccer fields and old softball fields will be the target for the cleanup of the creek this year, and volunteers don’t need to bring much other than themselves. Breakfast and lunch are being provided to those who participate in clean-up efforts, and the more who come the larger the area that Keep Polk Beautiful can cover according to Cook.

“Everyone is invited to take part, and no one has to be signed up to come,” he said. “We’ll provide the gloves, and we’ll give people something to eat before we get started.”

The Cedartown Junior Service League will once again be participating by providing lunch for volunteers, and the Cook Farm is already pledged to help help with water, gloves and trash bags. A tent will be setup around the footbridge, and several kayaks are being put into the creek to help as well.

Cook said that volunteers from new chapters of Keep Polk Beautiful at both Cedartown and Rockmart High Schools are also coming to take part on the day. He said the focus this year is on removing trash from Cedar Creek, but depending on the number of volunteers the work might go to other areas that need trash removal as well.

While Keep Polk Beautiful’s volunteers will be helping clean out the water, another group helping the organization during Rivers Alive day will be collecting up another kind of trash.

Fenley TV Repair at 549 1/2 West Ave. behind Rudy Woods Appliance will be hosting an Electronics Recycling Day again in Cedartown, starting at 9 a.m. and running until 1 p.m.

They’ll generally take most electronics like old cell phones and computers, DVD players and broken flat screen televisions. Those wanting more information about either event can call Cook at 678-246-1083.

The last round of electronics recycling at Fenley TV Repair brought around 3,000 pounds of items that otherwise would have been destined for a landfill.

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