Four years of hard work and excellence paid off for the Rockmart High senior class during honors night, where, surrounded by friends and family, some of the school’s best and brightest took home academic awards and other accolades.

Those who excelled in a particular subject such as British Literature or AP Calculus, participated in their local community, or demonstrated merit in other ways were given certificates that promise to boost any resume or portfolio.

Montana Barber took home the AP Economics award, Jackson Norris earned the science award, and Noah Sanders received the award for engineering.

There were also rewards for small animal care, automotive excellence, and on the job training. In fact, the seniors managed to rake together approximately 18,000 hours of training during the 2018-2019 year.

On top of certificates, dozens of scholarships totaling thousands of dollars were given out to various students based on their character and contributions during their school career.

Krista Fuller and Norris took home the Exchange Club scholarship and Allison Womack earned the LEAD Polk Class of 2018 scholarship. Other local entities and businesses such as the Rockmart Cultural Arts Center, Soli’s restaurant, and Chick-Fil-A contributed school money.

An anonymous local funded the return of the David Snipes Memorial Scholarship which offers money to students who harbor the same spirit, passion, and love for music the late band teacher was known for.

Other memorial scholarships were awarded for similar reasons, and members of the Corey Godfrey family, the Kristen Hearne family, and the Brandon Morris family were all present to award students.

With certificates, scholarships, and diplomas, the class of 2019 is more than prepared for their next step in life.