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Who holds the record for the most rushing yards for the Rockmart Yellow Jackets? How about which Lady Jacket has the most homeruns in softball? Or who has the best time in the 100-meter sprint in track and field?

These are questions that Rockmart High School’s athletic department hope to answer in the months to come as they look to get in touch with former athletes not just for this reason, but to establish honors for those high achievers who once wore black and gold.

It was a project that Rockmart High School’s former head football coach and athletic director Dan Duff once tried to start himself before he hung up his whistle, and one the school now wishes to tackle head on.

“We’re working to start back up the Hall of Fame, and are currently looking to establish a criteria and process, and what to do to recognize our former stars,” RHS athletic director Barry Williams said.

However to do that, Williams needs the community’s help.

Specifically, he and the school are asking that former athletes, parents, coaches and community members send in information they might have on hand about who top performers were in the past, along with those who went on to play in college or professionally.

So the school is asking for the following:

1. If you believe that you held or broke an athletic record at RHS, please send that information to Barry Williams, Athletic Director.

Please include your sport, your graduation year, and your stats. If you have a picture of you as a high school athlete, please include it as well.

2. If you are a former RHS athlete who graduated from a college where you played collegiate sports, please send that information, as well as a photograph of you as a college athlete, to Barry Williams. Please include your RHS graduation year, your college name and graduation year, and any college stats that you have.

3. If you are a parent, coach, family member, etc, of an athlete who meets the above requirements, please feel free to send the information on behalf of your athlete.

4. If you are a coach, family member or fan who has collected stats on RHS athletics over the years, we would like for you to share any information that you have.

5. All information may be sent to Barry Williams, Athletic Director, at or bring the information to the RHS main office during regular school hours.

Williams hope is not only to formulate a list of people who should be honored as a Hall of Fame athlete locally, but also figure out the statistical records for the school in all the sports the school hosts.

“In the past, unfortunately no one has kept records on our athletes,” Williams said. “We’re hoping to gather all this information so we can not only honor those athletes who deserve recognition for their achievements, but also so we can keep better track of who holds records for sports.”

There are already some athletes the school knows they can honor, like Caroline Williams Hipp, former RHS girls basketball star who went on to be Vanderbilt’s leading scorer, or Danny Ware, who went on to a professional career in the NFL and has two Super Bowl rings.

With the public’s help, the school hopes to honor more than just those two.

“We care and appreciate what our past and current athletes have done for Rockmart High School,” he said. “We just want to do something to show that support and love we have for all those who have played here.”