One of Polk County’s oldest golf courses is getting a renewal under new ownership.

Last year, the Cedar Valley Golf Course went under auction and was purchased by a local businessman well known in the community for his love of sports and dedication to hard work. Rocky Tillery had different plans for his new acreage when he bought it, and wasn’t initially planning to make improvements and rename the course to Cedar Valley Golf and Country Club.

However in the months that followed, he changed his mind and 2017 has instead seen much improvements at the course.

Drew Robinson, who has been organizing the work for Tillery’s main business Polk County Public Service, said that it’s been a tall task.

“He bought it as a land investment, and initially had no intentions of keeping it as a golf course,” he said. “He had a lot of people coming up to him after he bought it begging him not to close it, people who have played at the course for 50 or 60 years. And felt like he couldn’t be the one to shut down Cedar Valley.”

Much of the improvements at Cedar Valley Country Club can already been seen in resurfacing of a number of cart paths, a complete redesign of the drainage in one portion of the course on the front nine holes, and the addition of brand new carts to drive as well.

“He (Tillery) enjoys taking something that’s not too great and making it great,” Robinson said. “We’ve got 40 percent of the cart paths so far, but we’re getting there.”

The hiring of a new superintendent, Chuck Butler, who has “really brought the grass out. And when we bought this, it was completely brown. So he’s grown a lot of the grass in,” Robinson said.

Additionally, they have also added restrooms in several spots throughout the course with water fountains to allow for players to take a break without having to return to the current club house.

He added that the course has also in the midst of improving fairways and greens on each hole as well, but said that many projects are still in the works such as an overhaul to the clubhouse and paving of the main roadway in.

“This course was very close to being shut down,” he said. “There’s a lot of history here. It was Cherokee Country Club, and when they built their course it became Cedar Valley. There’s a lot of history around this course.”

That includes Cedar Valley being the starting point to a long career in the PGA for Cedartown’s own Doug Sanders, who said a shot off of a railroad car landed him back in play when he was a younger player.

The improvements have already provided some results.

Membership increased from 40 in 2016 to more than 120 this year, and though rates have slightly increased for the cost to play on the course itself, the money is being invested back into the improvements.

“We’ve created several different rates for individuals, seniors and families,” Robinson said.

He added that with the improvements at the course, those who haven’t played in a while should come back and see what’s been done.

Cedar Valley Country Club is located off Highway 27 South next to Petro’s at 1811 Buchanan Highway, Cedartown. When the weather isn’t wet, they are open daily from 7:30 a.m. to 6 p.m. Call 770-748-9671 for more information on rates and how to play.