Polk County Board of Education - April 2019 meeting

Polk County Board of Education chair Bernard Morgan, Polk School District Superintendent Laurie Atkins, Cedartown Middle and MERIT Award Winner for April Rhonda Couey, and Assistant Superintendent Katie Thomas gathered for a photo to honor Couey during the April 9 combined session.

The Polk School District Board of Education is using monthly M.E.R.I.T awards to make sure their most exceptional employees are recognized for what they do.

The award, standing for magnificent employees recognized for inspiration and talent, lives up to its acronym by honoring workers from various departments with praise and prizes.

Rhonda Couey, a bookkeeper for Cedartown Middle School, was named the April award recipient. She was selected from the ‘support personnel’ category which included secretaries, clerks, bookkeepers, and paraprofessionals.

While Assistant Superintendent Dr. Katie Thomas didn’t have time to share all of them during the April 9 school board meeting, peer submitted comments about the recipient were read before she received her award.

“She’s also so kind and helpful,” Thomas read. “I call her for anything I need completed, and she helps with a wonderful attitude every time. She just makes my life so much easier and my day so much brighter. She is very passionate about her duties at CMS. She’s kind and helpful to everyone. She is a major player in our day to day operations at CMS. She is very kind and willing to help anyone that needs it. She’s thoughtful, respectful, and helpful- which goes a long way in an office. She’s a joy to work with.”

Applause filled the room as Couey ventured to the front for her prize. As usual, Floyd Polk Medical Center sponsored the awards as part of their Live Well Polk Program and provided her with a gift basket.

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