Education news
  • School officials also announce the appointment of a new administrator for Youngs Grove Elementary.

Polk’s school board members introduced their latest meeting with the topic of safety before moving into welcoming a new vice principal and approving a field trip.

The policy committee, while yet to make any formal changes to the school’s safety procedures, shared that they were taking feedback and listening to the concerns of students and faculty.

“Quite frankly, our district is safe, but what we did was look at some ideas designed to make our district even more safe,” Board Vice Chair Bernard Morgan said. “We got input from administrators and teachers and utilized their input to come with ideas and suggestions as to how to improve the safety in our school systems.”

Board member Chris Culver added to the discussion the board didn’t just speak with central office administrators like Superintendent Laurie Atkins, and Polk County College and Career Academy CEO Katie Thomas, but also the community at large through social media as well.

“We didn’t just want to make decisions from here, we wanted to make sure we had input from the entire school system,” Culver said. “You guys are out there working hard every day, and when we make policy changes like this, we want to make sure you have input before we put it down on paper. We had a good turnout, each school was represented, and we got great ideas.”

The specifics of the school’s safety amendments were not ready to be shared yet since the language is being worked out, but students and faculty will likely get an opportunity to critique any future updates to how their school treats safety.

Dan Snipes was also announced as Youngs Grove Elementary School’s new assistant principal during last week’s board meeting. He replaces Matthew Johnson, who resigned as part of a plea deal following an incident at the school in November.

Snipes was welcomed to the district during the meeting, and the board was excited about the new staff on hand.

Thomas made the introduction of the new administrator. “He is from Cherokee County High School, and he’s going to be a great asset to Youngs Grove Elementary,” she said. “We’re super excited to have him.”

Additionally, the Rockmart High School thespian’s field trip to Thescon was unanimously approved, and the performers were soon packing their bags for the annual event.

“Normally this would be on next week’s agenda for the regular session, but you’ll notice the trip is at the end of the week,” Atkins said.

The group took an overnight trip to Columbus for the event.

The Board of Education were set to meet again after press time on Tuesday to take up their regular session for the month of February, and will return to business on March 6 and March 13.