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State money for the Polk School District is coming soon to help with an adult agriculture education program position for the coming school year.

The state is providing Polk School District and another with a combined $150,000 they’ll have to split with Pataula Charter Academy to cover most of the money needed to pay a person to provide education and more to youth and adults involved in agriculture.

Polk County College and Career Academy Katie Thomas said the state is picking up the cost of 70 percent of the position, while the district will have to match 30 percent of the total. She said that it is already being advertised and a new hire should be in place by the start of the next school year in August.

“The main purpose of this position is for the person to be hired to work with farmers in the community or people that want to utilize agriculture services,” she said.

The position will hold a hybrid role in the district and community at-large. Thomas said the new hire will be able to teach two classes at the high school level, but they’ll be responsible “primary focus on community and Adult Education in Polk County.”

Additionally the future hire will be in charge of livestock show teams, and helping youth in agriculture programs along with work with adults.

They’ll soon have a brand new facility in the county to utilize in providing services and education as well.

“The school system’s forthcoming agriculture education building will be a prime facility to be able to provide these services and educational opportunities to the community for whoever is selected to take on this position,” she said.

Those interested in applying can find more about it at

Funds were set aside in the state budget as part of a $10.1 million adjustment approved by lawmakers for a number of items, including the Young Farmers grant that includes Polk School District.