Hap and Leonard

The Sundance TV series "Hap and Leonard" first premiered in 2016, and it's second season ran in March and April of this year. Production crews are set to film select scenes from the show in Cedartown. 

Television productions crews have decided that a corner in downtown Cedartown is just the right setting they need for an upcoming season of a Sundance TV series, and they plan to start filming for a few days in the months ahead.

John Birchall, who helps scout and secure locations for AMC Studios and Sundance TV confirmed that scenes for the third season of the series "Hap and Leonard" will be shot in Cedartown.

They'll mainly be focusing their efforts on the corner of West Avenue and Main Street, utilizing the old Moore's soda fountain and the former Red, White and Brew coffee shop in Cedartown as their main locations for filming.

Birchall said the pair of buildings have been rented out for use between mid-September and mid-November, but that final dates for filming of scenes is still to be determined.

"We will probably be doing some filming outside on the street too, but that's still being determined as well," he said.

Upcoming filming for the third season also required a request from the production company from the city that will hopefully bring on the holiday spirit early in Cedartown as well.

Since the third season of the series will be set before Christmas in 1989, Cedartown will be accommodating film crews by getting decorations up early in the downtown area.

"It is our hope to create a little holiday magic early this year, both for the filming and the town," Birchall said in a letter sent out to members of the Downtown Cedartown Association and local businesses this week about the upcoming production.

With specific dates for the production crew to be in town to film still to be determined, the city has also not yet decided when in September decorations for the holidays will begin going up. More firm dates will be forthcoming.

"Hap and Leonard" began its first season in 2016 and is set in East Texas, where stars James Purefoy and Michael Kenneth Williams seek a fortune in the hunt for sunken treasure in the deep south in a dark comedy full of mayhem and mishaps.

The first season is available now on Netflix.

The second season aired earlier this year in March and April over six episodes, and it is also available for purchase on several services online.