Primary Healthcare at One Door Polk in Cedartown

Primary Healthcare has taken on a new lease with the City of Cedartown for full use of the Medical Office Building at One Door Polk. 

Kevin Myrick

The City of Cedartown and Primary Healthcare, Inc., have come to a new lease agreement as the organization is set to take over the rest of the space in the Medical Office Building at the end of the month for an expansion.

Cedartown city commissioners approved the new lease agreement unanimously for just under 8,000 square feet of space in the old medical office building at One Door Polk, the former Polk Medical Center on North Main Street.

Primary Healthcare will pay $3,981.00 a month in the new lease, which city manager Bill Fann said will be long term.

“Essentially this is the same lease agreement we’ve had with them in the past, the only difference being that they have taken on more space, and the cost has increased for what they are using,” Fann said.

He said the organization plans to expand services they provide at One Door Polk to start with the inclusion of pediatric care.

“It’s a great deal for Primary Healthcare, and great for the City of Cedartown,” Fann said. “We need low cost pediatric care in the area.”

Primary Healthcare plans to take over the space starting on July 1, Fann said.

Sandy Matheson, director of community relations and development for Primary Healthcare, said that pediatric services provided by Dr. Aramis Daniels will begin sometime in mid-July.

“We’ll be bringing a full scale pediatric program to Cedartown and Polk County,” she said. “We’re underway with our renovations for the pediatric wing, and we’ll be partnering closely with the Polk School District to ensure that we’re serving children who need care.”

Matheson said that because Primary Healthcare, Inc., is a non-profit, the organization can take any kind of health insurance and seeks to help children who have no health care of any kind because of a lack of money or lack of documentation on the parts of the parents.

“We also have a full-scale nutrition program in place, and we’ll be adding a full-scale dental program sometime next year,” she said. “We want to focus on the whole of the person.”

That also means that with the connection to One Door Polk, Primary Healthcare can also connect their patients with other services to help families stay healthly not just in body, but in mind, in family and in financial stability as well.

Jill Pilgrim, who also works as the Polk School District’s nurse, said that she’ll be helping bridge the gap between the services that Primary Healthcare can provide to youth by connecting underserved youth – especially at Northside Elementary – with quality healthcare.

“We hope that we can start addressing the healthcare needs of students who need that help, and who don’t have access to doctors for many reasons,” she said.

CEO Diana Allen added as well the connection with One Door Polk and the expansion of services in Cedartown will do much to help Cedartown and Polk County.

“It’s been a wonderful opportunity to work with the city and with the organizations that are already involved in One Door Polk,” she said. “We were fortunate the first provider in the facility. It’s wonderful having this One Door access to a lot of different services, and us to be a cornerstone of medical care, and in the future dental and other services.”

Once renovations are done on the expansion and the pediatric offices open, Primary Healthcare is planning to partner with other organizations at One Door Polk for a end of July back to school block party that will be free to the community.

No dates have been firmed up yet, Matheson said, but details will be forthcoming.