Making a Difference

A documentary featuring a hometown ministry is coming to the big screen of West Cinema this weekend.

Katherine Dudley, Director of "Making a Difference" is excited to bring her more than hour long look at Community Share Ministries to Cedartown on Sunday, October 27 at 2 p.m.

The premiere of the documentary that tells the story of Community Share Ministries origin story and growth over the past years inspired Dudley to make a documentary that gives those with a calling to help to take a leap of faith as well.

"When I heard the story of Community Share Ministries, and Jason Slaughter told me his background of how it got started and all the people who have gotten involved since, I knew it was a story I had to tell," she said.

She added that her previous work in film school in Florida helping the homeless additionally intrigued her based on Community Share Ministries unique program.

Dudley also wants viewers to get involved and recognize that if they have a calling to ministry and provide help they should follow it. Her message is to not listen to all the negatives and realize through faith comes everything needed to help people do good in their community.

"God provides all that is needed to make the ministry work," she said.

Dudley wrapped up work on the documentary earlier this month after beginning production at the start of 2019. A majority of the shooting was completed in Cedartown at Community Share Ministries.

Tickets to the premiere at West Cinema are $10 per person, and the money will go back to providing for the ministry as it continues to grow. 

"Part of our reason for doing this is to help raise money for the ministry," she said. 

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