Education news

President Andrea Sorrells was honored to report that the 2017-2018 climax of the Polk Retired Educators Association (PREA), was an extremely busy year filled with outstanding achievements.

The Association was especially pleased with the way that Local and State activities were all amply handled by the Standard Newspaper’s detailed monthly coverage.

The President made note of Awards on a Local and State level, and those who headed the current Projects: Community Service: Betty Nelson; Handbook and History, Scrapbook: Andrea Sorrells; Newspaper and Public Relations: Jaye Sawyer.

All of these Projects could not have been completed and successful without the multiple Members who worked along with these Project Managers. Sharon Malone, has been Treasurer for many years, along with her Assistant, Gloria Sherfield, also keeps track of old-new membership.

Unfortunately, space constraints our ability to list all of those who make ideas become reality. Kudos to all of them who donated time, energy, and other needed items: canned goods, loose change, school supplies, and the list goes on!

Before the closing of all the successful progress accomplished for the year, the PREA solemnly participated in a Necrology Ceremony for this year’s deceased members. The candle-lighting was done by Brenda Elkins, while President Sorrells read the following names: Alva Holstein, Tanya Sharpe, Earlie Payne, Sherrie Howe, Eddie Starnes, Ethel Tolleson, and Faye Wolfe.

There is always room for growth, wherein the Association has been given the opportunity to have many find their niche in several areas which State and Local speakers offered during the year when they came to keep the bar high for those who call themselves: Retired.

It should not be strange that the GREA (Georgia Regional Educators Association) awarded, PREA the GREA Unit Of Excellence.

The 2018-19 year will hold its next meeting on September 6 at the Cedartown County Club at 11 a.m. Please contact any of those mentioned above, if you are seeking membership.