Deaton Spring water 1

Pumps at the Deaton Spring water facility were back up and running on Thursday, Jan. 9, after a malfunction over the previous weekend. Water authority officials said that construction on a structure to house the pumps is still ongoing at the Taylorsville Road station. A boil water advisory remained in effect through the week until state Environmental Protection Division tests cleared the water safe for drinking. (Kevin Myrick, The Cedartown Standard)

Kevin Myrick

Following problems with pumps this past weekend during the cold snap, Polk County water customers have been under a boil water advisory, which will remain in effect until the system is fully recharged.

General manager Jack Damron said that until water tanks have been completely filled, pressure in the system will remain low.

“The problem is people using water for different things. As soon as they get pressure, they start doing things like washing clothes and dishes,” he said. “So long as water usage remains high, then it’s going to take longer to fill.”

Damron said that customers should be patient and conserve their water usage over the weekend.

The system should be fully recharged by Sunday night, Damron said, allowing PCWA officials to conduct testing. He said once testing is completed at 25 sites around the county, the state’s Environmental Protection Division can review the results and lift the advisory.

“The system has to be fully pressurized before we can take samples,” he said. “So they want us to wait until that happens before we can do anything.”

Until then, county water customers still need to boil all their water for use for drinking, cooking and for preparing baby food. Water should be brought to a rapid boil and allowed to boil for at least one minute before use, according to water authority information.