Education news

The Aug. 21 solar eclipse is right around the corner, and ahead of the celestial event, the Polk School District has announced a change to their plans. 

Recent news coverage of the potential for solar eclipse glasses having been counterfeited - even with official stamps on them - have caused local schools to reconsider their plans, and keep students indoors. 

The school district is sending out a letter to parents explaining the change, which will keep students in the classroom during the eclipse to prevent any potential for eye injuries during the eclipse. 

All outdoor activities during the time will not be allowed, Teems said. Instead, local schools are changing their plans to allow for students to take part in eclipse watching online, and won't have gym or recess outdoors during the event to prevent any issues. 

Polk School District will also hold students for an extra 30 minutes for the school day to ensure that when students begin going home on buses, they won't run into potential distracted drivers and possible wrecks. 

See the attached PDF for the full slate of plans from the Polk School District.