Polk County Republican Party

Two local seniors are in luck because the Polk County GOP held their annual Youth Scholarship Fundraiser, and a graduating student from both Rockmart and Cedartown High will receive a grant to help pay for their college fees.

“We raised just shy of $1,600,” Polk County GOP Chairman Marc Wall said. “Every year it goes to the scholarship. We give it out later in the year when they have the awards night at the school. So far, we’re looking at about $500 per person.”

Recipients are decided, like every year, with an essay contest. School counselors are already working on screening the writers, and the topic is soon to be decided.

“It’s an essay,” Wall said. “One year it was about the three branches of government- the executive, legislative, and judicial, and a function of each. You don’t have to be a Republican. It’s not based on income. You can win regardless of philosophy, status, or party.”

The only established requirement is that recipients must be planning to attend college or trade-school, but the seniors will be free to spend the money on any college-related fees whether it be tuition or textbooks. The funds will be awarded during the school’s end-of-year award show.

While the event is always dedicated to students, the Feb. 10 fundraiser saw some changes in how it gathered funds. Stone Creek Inn served as the venue for comedians Janet Collin and Friends as they provided laughs for a dining group of patrons.

“We sold about 170 seats,” Wall said. “It’s the first time we tried dinner. It was a raffle in the past, and we funded it out of pocket. Debra Nelson, Stone Creek’s owner, donated the facility free of charge, so we didn’t pay to use it. If we have one next year, it’ll probably be a different group of performers, but for the most part, it was really successful.”