The Polk County Water Authority board is gathering for a special called meeting late Thursday afternoon for a formal session to start the process for selling bonds for their upcoming water treatment plant and line upgrades.

Polk County Water Authority General Manager Jack Damron said the board is gathering for a parameters meeting to formally vote for the process to sell bonds to pay for the project to move forward, which also requires signatures on paperwork from the board's chair and secretary.

The meeting will begin at 5:30 p.m. at the Water Authority office, located at 1381 Rockmart Highway, Cedartown, next door to Cedartown High School's campus. The public is welcome and invited to attend.

It is the latest step in the Water Authority's latest upgrade project for the county's water system. They'll be building a new water treatment plant to filter water coming out of Mulco and Ammons springs, along with upgrades of pipes, pumps and motors used by the system to increase pressure for local residents.

The project started life in past years and was pushed forward in 2016 to get moving after Mulco Springs was infiltrated by water from the spring aquifer that changed the clarity of the water, potentially caused by some underground event during a heavy rain event.

Once work is completed, it will serve around 8,000 county water customers daily, and the property previously purchased in 2012 from Jimmy Lester.