New Year's

The new year means new goals, challenges, and hopes for locals who have shared their various resolutions with 2018 just around the corner.

Whether it be getting fit, mastering a video game, or putting an end to a bad habit, Polk citizens plan to start 2018 off with big changes.

Brandon Graham, 18, is a videographer who hopes to boost his productivity, grow his business out, and become better at the video game Street Fighter V. Currently employed as Miura Manufacturing’s videographer, Graham hopes to earn extra money by creating videos for both himself and clients during his free time.

“Lately, all I do is go to my friend’s house after work, go home, and sleep,” Graham said. “I want to start being more productive, get things moving with my video business, and then get better at Street Fighter.” For video-related business, Graham can be contacted at

Desmond Lee, 23, is a long-time musician who recently released his album, “Melancholy Melodies.” Hoping to keep releasing music in the coming year, the musician also hopes to improve his drawing in order to aid his albums with concept art. Melancholy Melodies can be found at

“I wanna become a better drawer,” Lee said. “As long as I keep making music, I want to have illustrations to go with it, and I want them to be good.”

Ezra Jacobs, 18, is a student at Jacksonville Southern University that plans to exercise more, get fit, and become the greatest Super Smash Bros. player of all time. A musician and long-time marching band member, Jacobs believes getting fit will improve his performance on the field and in the game.

“I think I’ll get jacked, and then use my new muscles to become the greatest Smash player this world ever saw,” Jacobs said.

TJ Cusyck, 18, wishes only to put an end to his procrastination habits. Currently working at Wal-Mart’s garden center, Cusyck finds himself rarely finishing his personal goals after a hard day’s work.

“My New Year’s resolution is to not procrastinate as bad as I usually do,” Cusyck said.

New Year’s resolutions don’t always work out, but with enough dedication, Polk’s locals might just reach the goals they set for themselves and more.