Polk County Coroner's Office

A Lindale man remains in jail without bond on felony murder and other charges after he was accused of killing a Cedartown man in his home during an argument that saw the victim shot through the wall in another room, according to Polk County Police Chief Kenny Dodd.

He reported that Kevin B. Millsap, 55, of 77 Pullen Road, Lindale was jailed earlier this week for felony murder, aggravated assault and tampering with evidence, along with misdemeanors for pointing or aiming gun or pistol at another and reckless conduct.

Millsap is alleged to have killed Thomas Elbert Mills, 49, of 132 East Point Road in Cedartown during the early morning hours of Monday, Nov. 6.

According to witness statements, Mills wasn't involved at all in the early morning altercation that began when Millsap came to the East Point Road home.

Millsap had arrived to confront another unnamed individual and during the argument words became more heated and Millsap fired off a single round to threaten and scare the person he was arguing with at the time, Dodd said. That round went through two sheet rock panels and struck Mills in the head while he was sitting on a couch in another room.

Not long after the round struck Mills, witnesses called Polk County 911 to have public safety officials respond to the shooting at 2:10 a.m. Though lifesaving efforts began immediately on the scene and Mills was rushed to the Polk Medical Center Emergency Room where procedures continued, he was pronounced dead at 2:58 a.m.

After an initial investigation after the death on Monday, Nov. 6, Millsap was officially charged after having already been taken into custody for questioning.

Interviews and evidence collecting efforts went on for several hours into Monday after the shooting at the East Point Road home.

The Georgia Bureau of Investigation was called in to assist in the case, and Mill's body was taken to the GBI crime lab in Decatur for a full autopsy.

Polk County Coroner Tony Brazier reported this morning the autopsy resulted in the death being ruled a homicide by single gunshot wound to the head.

As of Wednesday afternoon, Millsap had not yet been before the Tallapoosa Circuit Superior Court for a first appearance, and no bail has yet been set.

Officials initially reported Mills was a Villa Rica man, but later Brazier corrected that by saying that was where Mills was originally from and had moved to Cedartown.