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A Polk County girl died on Dec. 30 after she was found by emergency officials with self-inflicted wounds outside her home and police are investigating reports she live streamed the act.

According to Polk County Coroner Tony Brazier, Katelyn Nichole Davis, 12, of a Silver Creek address in Polk County, was pronounced dead at Polk Medical Center's Emergency Room after officials tried to save her after she was first found around 6 p.m. on Dec. 30, 2016.

He said her body had been sent to the Georgia Bureau of Investigation's Crime Lab for an autopsy.

Det. Kristen Hearn said the Polk County Police Department is obtaining search warrants for Davis's phone, Facebook account and a third social media site after unconfirmed rumors were reported the incident was recorded by the phone on a live streaming website.

She said she will seek the warrants on Tuesday to be able to get into the phone and confirm if the rumors are true.

Hearn said the investigation remains open and further details would be forthcoming.

Davis was a Cedartown Middle School student according to Polk School District Superintendent Darrell Wetherington.


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