Rockmart football 2019

Senior Jourdan Rachel, who plays on the offensive and defensive line, is one of the key senior leaders for the Rockmart High School Yellow Jackets football team this season.

Want to be a successful football team? There’s an easy way to achieve that goal. Find student athletes who have drive and talent, are willing to work until they fall down and give them the opportunity to shine.

So it is with such a talent on the Yellow Jackets roster, a Rockmart senior who continues to reach success by being a superstar both on and off the football field.

He’s one of those student athletes that coaches dream to have on their team for all four years.

Jourdan Rachel has played football for about 12 years, and has maintained a 4.0 GPA for the majority of that time as well.

Rachel is known in the community for his huge heart for service, and is said by head coach Biff Parson to be a key leader on the field.

Specifically, Rachel participates in community service through organizations like the Fellowship of Christian Athletes and his church, Rivers of Living Waters Church. A few main projects include community clean-ups and helping to set up local events such as the Homespun Festival.

“I help out with anything, wherever I’m needed,” Rachel said.

His favorite part of the service work, though, is getting to talk with many people in the community about football and other activities.

“I just love being there to be able to have the fellowship with everyone in the community,” he said.

Rachel added that he is excited for the upcoming football season and the goals the team has set.

He plays as a varsity member of the offensive and defensive line, where he for the past four years has stood tall on both sides of play protecting the backfield.

This year, he’ll be a linchpin part of the team as he blocks for junior quarterback Javin Whatley and runners like Jai Penson.

“All of the blood sweat and tears that has gone into the sport has made me the person I am today,” he said.

Rachel spoke of the football program’s successes and his outlook for the season under Parson.

“The culture and ways of Rockmart have changed so much in the past few years and I’ve been waiting for this moment all my life,” he said.

It is his intention as well to ensure that the Jackets have a chance to reach for the stars once again in 2019.

“I believe we can get there with this team,” Rachel said, referring to the State Championship game for the season to come in December.

“I can’t wait to gear up with all of my brothers beside me for our first game on Aug. 23,” he said. “We are definitely destined for greatness this year.”