Chubb back home for Cedartown High football camp

Head coach Doyle Kelley runs offensive drills with local youth during the Hometown Football Camp at Cedartown High School on Thursday, June 27, 2019.

Cedartown’s Doyle Kelley — despite trying to slow down — just can’t seem to stop.

The head football coach and athletic director for Cedartown High School continues to keep a lot on his plate. Kelley might have dropped baseball from his spring schedule, but he’s still a pastor at Worldview Baptist Church. He still gives of his time to people and causes he finds worthy.

Yet his major focus this fall remains one thing: leading the Bulldogs to success.

“I couldn’t think of anything in the world I’d rather be doing than this,” Kelley said.

Why does he love his job so much? Besides getting to continue in a sport he loves, Kelley also has a passion for the players he leads daily.

“I’m living the dream,” he said. “I get to come work with some of the best kids that we have in the school. I love it. I still have the fire in my belly, and I let it come out from time to time.”

A longtime coach of several sports, Kelley in the past three seasons has been living his dream of leading the Bulldogs on the gridiron. In that time, he’s enjoyed the success of an opening 10-2 season and a trip to the playoffs, but had a 5-6 season and was knocked out in the first round against St. Pius X.

This year, Kelley said he feels he has one of the best squads the Bulldogs have ever seen.

“The expectations are a little higher. We did have a little bit of a fall last year. Instead of 5-6, we could have been 8-2 or 9-1 or 10-0 going into the playoffs,” Kelley said. “There were a lot of close games that we lost in the last few minutes. But we’re going to be OK. There are a lot of expectations when you’ve got the running backs we’ve got, the quarterback we’ve got and the offensive and defensive lines that we have.”

Kelley credits much of the success the Bulldogs have in past and present to his coaching staff.

“This is the best coaching staff that we’ve had at Cedartown in a long time,” he said. “I got to add Mac Loudermilk, and Jeff Collier and brought Levi Wigley up from the Middle School. Those three coaching changes have made a world of difference. And Coach Frazier is doing a great job with the offense. It’s just great, and I love it.”

In recent months, Kelley has spent time off the field in visits to the state house, taking part in charitable activities and much more.