Townsend and Grover

Shanna Townsend holds Grover after he was stabbed and taken for treatment following a joint effort to find and save him. 


Grover, a mixed breed dog with many names, is now safe in the home of Shanna Townsend of Euharlee.

He was first called Frankie after his original owners moved and left him abandoned and homeless in Aragon. He was also known as Rodney, Big Red and even Brownie.

The people of Aragon began to talk about how he roamed from house to house. He quickly became the neighborhood pet.

Everyone discussed how the kids loved him and the adults began to watch out for him. However, he was still homeless and wandering.

Then, someone stabbed him in the neck. His friends believe it  was on Jan. 4. 

At some point, an unknown Aragon resident duct-taped a makeshift bandage over his wound. The applied pressure and extreme cold has led to the belief that this action saved Grover’s life.

The rest of the story unfolded after Sgt. Marc Riley, Aragon Police Department, posted a picture of Frankie (one of Grover’s previous names) on Facebook.

Kelly Shackelford, an animal advocate and native of Aragon, saw this post and immediately contacted the director of GA-AWA (Georgia Animal Welfare Advocates) asking for support confirmation.

She got the green light and blasted Grover’s story on social media in a desperate plea for everyone to watch for the dog.

Shackelford said Grover’s story quickly exploded in a “spectacular display of compassion and loyalty as a dog-hunt ensued.”

Despite the cold temperatures, numerous Aragon residents, including Matlida Caldwell and Jennifer Goodwill, formed a group to search the streets.

“We all feared the worst,” Shackelford said. “I was terrified between losing so much blood and the extreme cold, he would go into shock and die before we could find him.”

As the temperature dropped, the urgency grew. Finding the animal in time becomes a desperate mission for many of the people in Aragon.

The story was circulated that Grover had not been found and many animal lovers and concerned citizens joined the search.

Later, he was found. 

Matlida Caldwell and Jennifer Goodwin collected him. He was taken to the home Caldwell’s home where he spent the night. His wound was cleaned and bandage changed.

“They contacted me,” Shackelford said. “GA AWA started collecting funds to ensure the dog received the much needed vet care.”  

The money was collected and Grover was picked up and taken to New Hope Animal Hospital. Dr Clay Leathers confirmed Frankie’s wound was consistent with a stab wound and not an animal attack. 

Grover’s wounds were treated, and he was given antibiotics and received all needed shots.

Thereafter, Shanna Townsend and her son, Jonathan Paul (J.P.), picked him up.

“We decided to call him Grover,” Townsend said. “He is doing fine and now has a forever home. In fact, he has even staked out a place beneath our table to sleep.”