The fundraiser collects $2,365 to support the Breast Center, which will display the bras on a rotating basis through the end of the year.

A trio of winners were announced in the first ever Bras for a Cause contest put on by 301 Main Holmes for Her over the weekend.

Congratulations are offered up to first place winner Penny Bevis who raised $329 with her votes.

Second and third place winners Sandra Parris and Cindy Easterwood and the group at her salon, reflections, were also given $50 gift certificates for their big tally of votes as well, 216 and 214, respectively.

The winners were announced at the store’s Bra-llelujah Party held on Saturday morning to wrap up their Bras for a Cause fundraiser for the Breast Center at Floyd.

Refreshments were served and the winners were announced on the a livestream on 301 Main Holmes for Her’s Facebook Page.

Additionally co-owner Alice Pittman was able to say that they have plans for the fundraiser in the future.

“We will be doing this every year so long as people will help us with it,” Pittman said.

She also announced that those willing to give their bras over for a few months more will have a chance for many more people to see their creations.

Pittman said the Breast Center will have a gallery and will rotate the bras in and out of display through the end of the year.

“When we started doing this, my goal was for us to be able to donate $1,000,” Pittman said.

The store was able to do much more than their intended goal, and Pittman handed over a check to the Breast Center at Floyd for $2,365 to help the Rome-based organization.

Those interested in helping the store in the future with their fundraisers — including Bras for a Cause — can contact Pittman at 770-748-0757.