Dozens of lives were saved through the helpful donations of several visitors to the Polk County Police Department early last week.

All it took was giving over a little bit of blood to nurses on hand, who after the procedure was done handed out snacks to those who stopped by the latest drive.

Polk County Police Officer Andy Anderson once again partnered with Blood Assurance to help provide the group with 16 units of blood in their latest visit to the Cedartown area.

That was enough blood to help save 48 patients in area hospitals when they are receiving emergency treatment, going through surgery or need transfusions to survive.

It was the sixth time that Anderson has held a blood drive in recent years, and he looks to continue the tradition throughout the year. Previous events included one not long after the shooting death of Det. Kristen Hearne, and then another in 2018 a year after she died to honor her passing and those of other law enforcement officers.

Donations continue around the area on a regular basis from both Blood Assurance and the American Red Cross. Make sure to visit or to find out more about giving blood, and upcoming events in the community.