Students and City team up on Little Free Libraries

Cedartown students partnered with the city’s Parks and Recreation department to place Little Free Libraries at select locations.

Students got involved in a project to make sure that everyone has access to books within the Cedartown area.

Cedartown High School students Ava Allred, Lindsey Lee, Lesley Muñoz, Jessica Neal, Alex Orebaugh, and Kennedy Owens, representing the Student Government and Debate Club, have teamed up with Cedartown Parks and Recreation Department to set up Free Little Libraries at various spots around town.

These Free Little Libraries provide local residents with an assortment of easily accessible, family friendly books for readers of all ages.

The books were generously donated to the high school by local residents and have been strategically placed at the local parks for the convenience of the general public.

These miniature libraries at Bert Wood Park, Peek Park, Turner Street Park, and the Cedartown Depot (Welcome Center).

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