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A couple who were in bed in the early morning hours at home in Polk County are now being treated for gunshot wounds in a Rome-area hospital.

A male and female who have not yet been identified were rushed to Floyd Medical Center around 5 a.m. after both were hit at their home while in bed by a single blast of a shotgun at a Striker Road residence, located off Highway 100 North west of Cedartown.

Polk County Police Chief Kenny Dodd said investigators are searching for clues as to who might have shot the pair, but no one was yet in custody.

Dodd said the pair drove to the Food Mart gas station at the intersection of Highway 278 West and Prior Station Road before calling for assistance, rather than have emergency personnel show up at the Striker Road residence. The immediate relationship between the two was not clear to police at this time. 

Officials involved in the case reported the pair we in serious but stable condition at Floyd Medical Center.

Check back for additional information on the shooting as it becomes available.

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