Been wondering what is up with Moore’s Soda Fountain in Cedartown?

The old corner eatery and onetime pharmacy that served as a meeting ground for friends before a movie night at West Cinema has long been dormant, and in the past year was bought up with the intention of returning it back to its former glory.

A dream that was deferred, but coming back to life in recent days. One that a group of students at Northside Elementary School took up for a project of their own.

The group of students came as part of project requirements for the Dawgbots annual robotics competition. Their assignment this year was learning about Moore’s of the past, and a bit about its present condition as well and presenting that to the Commission, which coach Joshua Bearden filmed for their upcoming super regional competition coming up in Cobb County in days to come.

Founded in the early 1900’s in a different location, Moore’s eventually moved to its present home in the years following its founding and changed ownership over several times from one generation to the next, then eventually passing into the hands of owners who weren’t interested in the Soda Fountain concept.

Not only did they talk about the 100-plus year history of the Moore’s pharmacy and soda fountain name and legacy, but how the restaurant could be better served with some of their layout designs, and ideas for making the restaurant kid-friendly. The goal is to bring the restaurant back not only into serving the community and becoming a hangout again before a night at the movies, but also bringing it fully into the 21st century.

New Moore’s owner Lindsay King sat with her husband Kevin (also the Cedartown High School Soccer coach) and family to hear the presentation during the city’s work session on Jan. 6.

She had no new major updates to provide on progress toward opening just yet, but the family is working to continue to prepare Moore’s for a now planned 2020 opening. They have also been detailing clearing work in the restaurant online on Facebook in the days prior and following the presentation from Northside students.

“We are way behind where we wanted to be on Moores. But we are making baby steps progress so far in 2020. It’s coming.... soon,” Kevin King wrote on Facebook on Jan. 5. “We are so nervous about getting this right for Cedartown. The city and the people are the real owners of Moores, it’s y’alls memories, it’s y’alls stories... we are just folks who have the keys to the building.”

He added that “We want this to be THE place for people to come and hang out before or after going to west cinema, or shopping downtown (especially at the old shop on main) or on Friday nights before our Dawgs take the field at CHS.”

The team promised as they were wrapping up during the Jan. 6 work session presentation to stay involved with the King’s as they moved forward toward bringing Moore’s back to life.

With their presentation finished, the Northside Dawgbots received a round of applause from attendees and commissioners alike. Commission Chair Matt Foster praised their efforts both as a Northside teacher himself, but also in providing insight into a piece of the city’s past.

“This was very cool,” Foster added.

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