Northside Elementary made a name for itself across Georgia by competing in the State Science Olympiad competition.

The students’ knowledge of everything science was tested against 67 other elementary schools, and while Northside didn’t take first place, locals Ria Patel and Paola Reyes finished 9th place overall in the “Weather or Not” event.

Reaching the state level of any competition is a feat, and each participating student was honored at the June 4 school board meeting with plaques and applause. More information about the event can be found by visiting

The board also approved a series of bids on surplus items, and the school is set to bring in nearly $8,000 from no-longer-needed passenger buses and old house parts. Many of the parts were salvaged during the district’s acquisition of a house neighboring Rockmart High School.

The home needed to be taken down due to extensive termite damage, but undamaged doors, vinyl windows, ceiling fans, a heating unit, cabinets, and much more were deemed surplus-worthy.

There are still a few buses and house parts up for grabs, so the bidding process should continue down the line.

“A lot of these are from old buses we have, as well as doors, windows, fans- stuff that came out of the old house we purchased,” Superintendent Lauri Atkins said. “So, we are very excited to have people bid upon these.”

Polk School District did some purchasing of its own by approving new paper bids from the Contract Paper Group. Under the new agreement, the district will receive each of the 840 cases for $29.96 for a total of $22,646.40.

The group finished things out with an executive session but mentioned their combined meeting session will take place on July 9 due to the Fourth of July holiday.

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