National League of Junior Cotillions

The National League of Junior Cotillions, Polk County Chapter, has announced those who have been named “Best-Mannered Teacher” of the 2017-18 school year.

Recipients of the award are Irma Arbuthnot, Cherokee Elementary School, Lea Arnold, Cedartown Middle School, Elizabeth Clark, Van Wert Elementary School, Jill Dingler, Westside Elementary School, Christi Gober, Eastside Elementary School, Lisa Johnson, Rockmart Middle School, Missy Lundy, Westside Elementary School, Erin Walters, Covenant Christian School.

Thomas J. Ruff II, director of the local Junior Cotillion said the "students in our program were excited about being part of the selection process. They wanted to honor teachers who exemplify the etiquette and manners being taught in our program."

Those receiving the awards were nominated by Junior Cotillion students who wrote an essay about a teacher in their school.

Irma Arbuthnot was nominated by Megan Tracy, Lea Arnold was nominated by Matthew Henslee , Elizabeth Clark was nominated by Elijah Bedell, Jill Dingler was nominated by Faith Evans, Lisa Johnson was nominated by Ava Shae Culver, Missy Lundy was nominated by Graci McElwee, and Erin Walters was nominated by Landry Atkins.

The criteria for selection included their positive characteristics, how the teacher shows courtesy and respect for students, and why the person is a good role model.

According to Ruff, "the special teachers are those who treated the students with respect and instilled a love of learning which will continue to have a positive effect on the student’s performance throughout their school years."

The National League of Junior Cotillions is an etiquette and social dance training program that involves thousands of young people nationwide. Students learn the customs and courtesies that will serve them for a lifetime.

Topics covered include table manners, writing thank you notes, and responding to formal invitations, in addition to many other social skills that will make life more pleasant for them and for those around them.

Most importantly, the students learn to feel comfortable in social situations.

For information regarding the program, please contact the local chapter at