Nick Chubb and the Cleveland Browns got a well-deserved weekend off.

Now, the struggling squad will try to bounce back against the New England Patriots that was still hours away from kicking off as press time rolled around this weekend.

To this point in the season, Chubb has recorded 607 rushing yards and six touchdowns on 114 carries. This pace, along with his 5.3 yards per carry average, is fully expected to shatter his rookie season total of 997 yards and eight touchdowns.

While he was practicing ahead of playing one of the best teams in the league, the Cedartown native picked up a new endorsement deal this week.

According to an article released by Everett Sports Management, Chubb signed a deal to partner with Defiance Fuel. As mentioned in the piece, “Defiance Fuel is a product culminated through cutting edge water science research. It is PH balanced, structure water that athletes are finding makes a critical difference.”

The interesting part about the partnership is the local connection. When ESM reached out to Defiance Fuel, they reportedly had no idea who the DF president was.

The head man of Defiance Fuel is no other Brian Burgdorf, a former Cedartown native that played collegiately at Alabama in the early 1990s.

This partnership between Chubb and Defiance Fuel goes much further than water, and includes a connection right here in Cedartown, Georgia. Both sides are excited about the endorsement and what the future holds.

Defiance Fuel joins Nike, Xenith, Chubb Insurance, FedEx, and Panini as Chubb’s current national endorsement deals and activations.

So, as Chubb geared up to take on the Patriots on Sunday afternoon, one can guarantee he prepared by drinking some Defiance Fuel.

As press time was fast approaching, we were unable to monitor Chubb and the Browns’ performance in New England.

For more information on how the game went, make sure to stay tuned to the mid-week edition of ChubbWatch, posted online at

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