Sgt. Gene Brown and Nero

Sgt. Gene Brown and new Aragon PD K-9 Nero. / Sean Williams

Aragon's newest police recruit can't speak, drive, or walk on two legs, but he's a powerful asset to the force in many other ways. Nero, an Eastern European German Shepherd, recently began his first days on the job after completing his mandatory training with Sergeant Gene Brown, and the city now has a team capable of adept tracking, trailing, and narcotics work.

“All of his relatives have a history in police work or military work,” Brown said. “Nero's best attribute would be his nose. He has an uncanny sense of smell. His narcotics work and his tracking and trailing are definitely his strong points.”

Currently, Brown is the only officer capable of directing Nero. The two share a car, and should the situation demand it, the K-9 can be used to apprehend fleeing criminals, sniff out illicit drugs, track odors, and much more.

Brown's training means he can call the dog off on demand, and the two share a powerful bond.

“I am currently enrolled in a training school with Arete Canine LLC, where I am learning the final points of modern induction and operand conditional training,” Brown said. “Unlike systems of the past, we work in a more modern positive reinforcement-based environment.”

Nero's service wouldn't be forfeit if Brown were to retire, however. Nero can be re-bonded with another capable officer and his work would continue after the proper training was taken.

The dog's easygoing demeanor at play makes him easy to get along with, and his serious attitude at work makes him a competent officer.

“Nero was specifically selected due to his exceptional, exceptional demeanor. Nero has a unique on, off switch between work and play. While at play, Nero is a social, happy dog. While at work, Nero is very serious and diligent.”

The Brown and Nero tag team have already been assigned to events such as Kids' Day, and as of the event, the K-9 thankfully hadn't had to put his training to the test.