• The new Cedartown craft-based business is welcomes all

A local business is hoping to bring out the creative side in customers, and are holding a special grand opening event this weekend.

Craftsy House, located at 419 S. Main St., Cedartown, will be holding a special offer paint party ahead of Valentine’s Day during their grand opening day this Saturday when they open at 9 a.m. to 3 p.m., with paint parties at night.

Merrari Morales, owner of the store, previously had a location in Rockmart more than two years ago and had the business running smoothly until personal issues cropped up and forced a move back to Florida.

Now she’s back in Polk County, and after a stint working at Croker’s Hardware in Cedartown has reopened the creative-based business in Cedartown with the hopes of attracting the same customers to return that came in the past.

“I kind of like Cedartown better,” she said. “It is bigger, and has a lot of potential. But the real reason I wanted to open was to make people happy. When I first tried it in Rockmart, I’d help one person get a painting started. And it isn’t like a regular art class where you go for several weeks before you have something... here you can get results the same day. That puts a seed in them. They’ll come back or try it on their own. Give people the idea that they can do it.”

The business is tailored around the idea that customers can come in and learn an art project during a single setting, and take home their creation once they’re done. For $12 a sitting during business hours on Thursdays through Saturdays, people who want to paint can sit down and have all the supplies furnished.

Morales will also be hosting more specific paint parties where people can participate as a group or during planned evening sessions, and also will host birthdays, special events and more. Prices start at $20 for painting parties held during the evening hours of operation, and she asks that those interested in having her host special events contact her well in advance. Workshops are $30 and up, depending on materials.

Painting isn’t the only thing one can get at Craftsy House. Morales also has local hand-crafted items, antiques and artwork from local and area artists around her storefront, and also offers rotating flavors of coffee, hot teas, hot cocoa and more refreshments.

She said those who want to can bring their own wine to painting parties on occasion, but the doors are usually closed to those events. Those interested in learning more about the store can visit their Facebook page at facebook.com/craftsyhouse, e-mail her at moravera5@icloud.com, or call 561-568-1153. She’s been open since Jan. 13, and is holding pant parties on Thursdays and Fridays from 7 to 9 p.m., and all day on Saturday with two on the weekend.

Morales is also interested in getting more handmade and local products - not further away than Atlanta - to sell in the store as well. She’s seeking a variety of products, like handmade soaps and candles or artwork.

She also has plans for special classes as well.

“We’re going to try to keep it very entertaining, and come for something new,” she said.

Morales has a special project planned for this weekend with a “Love” sign for the grand opening, with a price of $20 to participate.

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