City of Aragon

City of Aragon

Aragon has been pouring time, effort, and money into giving local youth a safe place to play and get exercise by building new basketball courts within the city, but council members have also expended effort into drafting rules and punishments for misuse of the courts.

Those looking to hit the courts and show off their basketball skills are encouraged to know the rules and potential repercussions before use.

While one of the new courts is already up and running, the city plans to build a much smaller, child-accessible court at the corner of fifth and Aragon Road.

The new court sports a budget of no more than $8,500 to be paid for out of the special assets account, and rules and penalties will apply to both courts.

“We’re trying to get kids out of the streets,” Mayor Garry Baldwin said of the new court.

Already approved court rules are as follows:

Inspect the court before surface before you begin to play.

No skateboards or bikes allowed on the court.

Alcoholic beverages and drugs are prohibited.

Spectators and pets not allowed on the court during games.

No hanging from basketball backboard, rim, or net. Tagging or graffiti found on the playing surface or backboard may result in closure.

Court available for use during daylight hours only.

Use at your own risk.

The penalties for breaking rules are a different subject because the listed repercussions exist only in ordinance form.

The council has a list of what they would like the penalties to be, but the city cannot enforce court-specific punishments until the ordinance undergoes a second public reading and is put up for review at a public hearing.

“We passed the rules, but we didn’t do much as far as enforcing them,” Baldwin said. “The goal is not to drag kids to Juvy, but we have to have a little bit of teeth as far as enforcing them.”

Should the ordinance be passed, breaking the court rules could have punishments such as a fine of not less than $100 but no more than $500, and a potential ban on using the facility.

Parents will be held accountable for those age 16 and under.

Second reading date, public hearing, and final approval dates are yet to be decided.