The City of Cedartown’s housing options will in the near future have a lot more choice than what’s currently available.

Construction on a 72-unit complex on Lake Creek Road near the intersection with Highway 27 and within the city limits is going to get underway as soon as possible, developer Terry Marangakis told the commission. He sought and got unanimous approval to change the zoning designation on the property from R-1 to PD-4.

He told the board during a public hearing ahead of their September meeting that this opening phase of construction will feature 48 two bedroom, two bath apartments around 849 square feet of living space. An additional 24 units will be one bedroom, one bathroom apartments of about 563 square feet.

“The structure of the building will be a mixture of brick skirting and siding with arches in areas to give an elegant appeal to the neighborhood,” Marangakis said. “We have worked with our engineer and architect to design a maintenance-free building that will maintain its look for many years to come.”

Kitchen appliances are planned to be all electric, and each unit will have its own heating and air unit. Apartments will also have balcony space with storage available as well. Utilizing natural gas is part of the plan for providing energy efficient heating as well. The development will also be tying into the city’s water and sewer system, which Marangakis said is well within the abilities of the city’s facilities to handle.

The first phase of construction doesn’t include any additional amenities for the moment, but Marangakis said there are plans in the work to provide more features for the complex during future expansion. They’ll have 112 parking spaces available for residents, including several handicapped spaces.

Marangakis did relieve some concerns about traffic flows during his presentation in the public hearing over the new project. He told commissioners that they should keep in mind that several roads connect to Lake Creek Road within a mile of where the new complex is going, including Burkhalter and Davis Roads, as well as Adams Road. There’s also plans to have a deceleration turn lane into the complex.

The plans also include green space between the property and Lake Creek Road. It’ll be located off Highway 27 behind Cedar Lake Christian Center.

Marangakis said apartment rent will be priced based on market value, and a management company who will also provide maintenance services and customer service.

He told the commission the apartment complex promises to increase business generally for the area by 3 to 5% annually when the 72 units are completely full.

“This will generate additional revenue for the local municipality and the community overall,” he said.

Marangakis said the project has been in the works for more than a year. He bought the property in 2018.

“During our planning phases, we’ve found out that housing in our area is lacking. We have found that in our city and in the county, there’s a shortage of attractive housing that is limiting our local workforce,” Marangakis said. “Our proposal will help provide a solution to this problem, and help our community grow by providing elegant housing. Workers who live and work here will be happier and will want to stay and raise their families here, which will promote a quality community.”

He said he wanted to give back to Cedartown in a way that he felt would be of greatest value for all.

“I live in this community, I work in this community and I care about this community,” he said. “I wanted to be given the opportunity to give back to my community, and this is how I can do it.”

Marangakis received praise from the commissioners for his work to get the project to this point, and for the development as a whole.

“As your former teacher, you did your homework on this one,” Commissioner Dale Tuck said. “The only questions I had you’ve already answered.”

She added that “it looks to me like a fantastic project.”

City Manager Bill Fann did also emphasize that the project is a private development, and that rents will be based on market pricing and not have fixed rents for low-income housing.

Marangakis said that construction will begin as soon as possible based on several factors, including permitting requirements.

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