Police explosives found

Police repsonded to a Callaway Club address in Rockmart on Thursday after reports came in explosives were found in a house. 

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It was a shocking and unhappy discovery for all involved when explosives were found and removed from a Rockmart house earlier today.

According to Rockmart Police Chief Keith Sorrells, the Northwest Georgia Bomb Disposal Unit disposed of explosives found in a house on Callaway Club Drive in Callaway Estates, just off U.S. 278.

Sorrells said the explosives were initially discovered by an agent for a financial institution who was checking through the house.

"They thought what it looked like was dynamite, and so they sent a picture to us," he said. "We immediately sent that to the Northwest Georgia Bomb Disposal Unit, and they told us they suspected it was dynamite and to clear an area 200 yards around the house."

Officers with the bomb disposal unit confirmed on the scene the explosives were indeed dynamite, and they removed it safely without incident. Sorrells said the explosives would be disposed of in a remote area either in northern Polk or southern Floyd County.

Police still lack a clear explanation of how the explosives ended up in the house, but Sorrells said he believed they were left behind accidentally when the last man to live in the home died.

"Our understanding is that the gentleman living in the house was a demolition expert," he said. "Evidently he just left it in the house. Though it was legal for him to detonate the explosives with the license he had, it was illegal for him to have it in his residence."

Sorrells said explosives of that type are supposed to be kept in protective bunkers in case of a catastrophic incident, and his greatest concern is that when the homeowner died, he left behind the explosives without any thought.

"You can't just leave stuff like that hanging around," he said. "It's volatile and dangerous in a neighborhood setting."

He said residents were allowed to return home by 12:30 p.m.

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Residents in a Rockmart neighborhood close to where dynamite was found in a house are now allowed to return to their homes after the Floyd County Bomb Squad removed the explosives. 

According to Rockmart Police Chief Keith Sorrells, the dynamite found int he Callaway Estates home on Callaway Club Drive were removed by the bomb squad midday. 

The Floyd County Sheriff and Police Department has control of

the dynamite, which will be destroyed, Sorrells said. 

Sorrells said the entire neighborhood did not need to be evacuated when the explosives were found. Police pushed back people who lived more than 200 yards from 205 Callaway Club Drive where the dynamite was discovered.

Rockmart Police Chief Keith Sorrells said the people who were evacuated can now safely return to their home. Traffic has returned to normal.

"I have not experienced such an incident since I assumed my position in Rockmart about five years ago," Sorrells said. "I can't understand why anyone would want to store any typeof explosive in their home since it is not only illegal but dangerous.

He expressed his thanks to first responders, local and area fire and police officers and bomb squad experts for their assistance during the incident.

Previously posted:

Residents in a Rockmart neighborhood were forced to leave the area explosives were found in a house this morning. 

Rockmart Police Chief Keith Sorrells said there was no immediate threat to residents at the time in the area of Callaway Estates. Police and fire officials are still on the scene. 

According to a resident of the subdivision who asked not to be named, police found explosives belonging to a demolition expert who lived in the house. The explosives were left behind when he passed away and were found by a employee for a real estate company in the area. 

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