A year ago, nothing like the resources that have grown at Mosaic Place even existed in Polk County. Yet the concept of providing a place where a group of people in recovery can help each other through the hard times is now a growing example for others on a different approach to addiction treatment.

This recovery support center concept headed up by Program Manager Nikki Kemp and a lot of support from staff and volunteers is doing a lot of good in the community since their first meeting held in October 2018.

In the past year, Mosaic Place has helped in one form or another some 1,400 Polk County residents and in that time provided 5,000 different documented services, like helping those who come into the center find jobs, get transportation, and a variety of other areas where people in recovery need the most help.

Kemp said the organization is doing exactly what they hoped to accomplish. But Mosaic Place is more than just an addiction recovery support center. It is also an organization that is all about ensuring that those who come to the center for help also help others in their journey back from addiction.

“People come in here and they are so broken. When they start and keep coming, they find unity, support and a purpose in recovery,” Kemp said. “Step by step, we are building recovery leaders who are willing to give back to the community by serving other people in recovery.”

Enough people are involved on a regular basis and seeking help at Mosaic Place that five months into their first year, they needed more space and took over the final office area in their 321 West Ave. home in Cedartown.

Kemp said that move to increase space came back in February of this year, and the growth continues.

During ceremonies celebrating the first anniversary, Kemp talked about how the hard work and dedication of those involved in Mosaic Place have made it successful.

“People have showed up, and kept coming back,” Kemp said. “The people that I get to see walk through these doors, and the smiles that come on their face each day, it’s a blessing.”

She also recognized those who have come for help at Mosaic Place and have returned — sometimes on a daily basis — to become leaders within group recovery efforts. She also thanked board members for their involvement during the first year of offering services to Polk County, and for partner organizations for helping too.

Those included Polk County Sheriffs Office, Regions Bank, the Department of Family and Children Services, Department of Community Supervision and Accountability Courts, Polk County’s faith-based community as a whole, the Georgia Department of Labor and the Polk County Health Department. She said so many have given back during the past year, it is really too many to name.

“Building a community of recovery allows individuals to be able to grow in their recovery and become productive members of society again,” she said. “Mosaic Place is somewhere that in my early stages of recovery I would want to be.”

She added that “each person that works at recovery place is a person in long term recovery and are trained to utilize their lived experience to empower others and instill hope.”

Attendees to the anniversary celebration got to hear from an addict named Anthony, who talked about how his faith finally pulled him out of the dark hole of alcohol and drug abuse, and years of a life of crime. He is more than six years sober now, and brings his testimony to people who were in the same place as him through ministry in the same places he was once wanted for a long list of charges.

These stories of second chances are what Mosaic Place is built upon. The organization is an idea put into practice that even though people have made the wrong life choices at times, they have the opportunity to pick themselves up and try again.

Over the past year, Mosaic Place has also spent a lot of time as a family, hosting events around Polk County. That’s included a Thanksgiving meal, Christmas Bazaar, Christmas dinner, Health Fairs, New Year’s Eve party, Family Fun Day, Flipping Flap Jacks for Recovery, First Responders Lunch and Learn, many recovery educational training sessions and much more.

Mosaic Place is a grant based program through DBHDD to build communities of Recovery. Those interested in becoming involved in being part of the solution to addiction recovery, or learning more about Mosaic Place’s services can contact Kemp at 678-901-1445.

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